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COPE Data Study


American Appraisal visits 168 college campus sites to collect COPE data on more than 2,300 buildings to gain our client favorable insurance renewal rates.


The Florida College System Risk Management Consortium (FCSRMC) facilitates the property insurance coverage for 27 colleges, with more than 168 campus sites, throughout the state of Florida. For its 2012 renewal, FCSRMC learned that its premiums would rise by 16% - and its capacity would drop by 40%. Such fluctuations are common in the insurance market in the years that follow natural disasters; in addition, insurance carriers also cited changes in the updated RMS model as a reason for the increase in premium and loss of capacity.

FCSRMC decided to take action and begin an underwriting data collection project to make some changes, and developed a twofold strategic plan with its broker, Arthur J Gallagher (AJG). First, the project evaluated the accuracy of the primary COPE data; in addition, the project collected secondary COPE data, which was not previously available.  FCSRMC and AJG contracted with American Appraisal to undertake a data collection engagement, obtaining primary and secondary COPE data for every significant building across the various campus sites. The second part of the plan was to develop a comprehensive project to make sure the new RMS v11 model was as accurate as it could be, so FCSRMC did not pay additional premium based upon insufficient secondary COPE data or inaccurate primary COPE data. This would allow FCSRMC to attract capacity at a competitive price regardless of carrier.

American Appraisal began work on the engagement in the spring of 2012. Our consultants visited each campus site, collecting detailed secondary COPE data – including GPS coordinates and RMS occupancy codes - for 2,359 buildings within the system. The project was a massive undertaking, with four American Appraisal consultants visiting 168 locations over a period of eight weeks. Despite the engagement scope, FCSRMC’s executive director, Chauncey Fagler, says, “It ran very smoothly, and wasn’t cumbersome in any way. Coordination from the team at American Appraisal was outstanding.”

The project’s success was further realized during the 2013 insurance renewal. With the new high-quality COPE data, FCSRMC was able to enter the Lloyd’s market – the world’s leading specialist insurance market – and obtain a more competitive rate, saving $750,000 right away. Overall, because more carriers were willing to compete, the engagement resulted in 30% capacity regained at the same price.

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