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Fixed Asset Inventory & Reconciliation Services


The path to transparency begins with an accurate inventory of your assets.


The move toward 360° asset visibility
Does your existing fixed asset accounting record accurately reflect the physical reality of the assets upon which your enterprise depends? Inaccurate records can blindside you and your organization—heightening strategic, financial and operational risk.

The need for accurate data is now being driven by the multiplicity of regulatory changes and related reporting requirements, all of which require moving towards 360° asset visibility. The path to transparency begins with an accurate inventory of your assets. As simple as that sounds, maintaining a reliable fixed asset inventory is a challenging, labor-intensive task for any enterprise—public or private.

American Appraisal is here for you
Starting with proven methodology and procedures, our specialists draw upon deep experience and leading-edge technology to constantly evolve and refine new and better procedures. We are recognized for establishing our profession’s best practices in fixed asset inventory and reconciliation.

Industry expertise
Our best practices have evolved over thousands of engagements and across virtually every sector of the economy, both public and private. We offer incomparable specialization in manufacturing, higher education, healthcare and all levels of government.

Resources to act fast
American Appraisal combines global reach with local expertise, with more than 900 employees operating from offices strategically situated throughout Asia-Pacific, Europe, North and South America.

Our dedicated fixed asset Consultants, a global team comprising more than 100 seasoned professionals, stand ready—no matter what business you are in or where your assets are located.

What would you like to see today ?
Public- and private-sector Clients can have different fixed asset inventory and reporting challenges; however, both rely on accurate information to account for, control and manage their real and personal property assets.

I want to see if I’m missing anything obvious.
American Appraisal routinely performs detailed diagnostic studies, a low-cost way of finding out if your fixed asset accounting records are adequate.  If a problem exists, we recommend the appropriate path, which can range from a limited study to confirm the continued existence of a small sample of your fixed assets to an exacting wall-to-wall physical inventory and reconciliation of the assets to your fixed asset accounting ledger.

I want to see how my assets are being used and who is using them.
Our fixed asset inventory & reconciliation service provides a wall-to-wall inventory of all fixed assets to ensure they are properly captured on your accounting records, assistance in identification of those assets that are no longer on hand (unrecorded retirements) and validation of the historical book value of assets for use on financial statements. All assets can be tagged with a bar code to facilitate tracking and to simplify subsequent inventory verification.

I want to see numbers that do not raise red flags.
The one universal truth about fixed asset accounting records is that over time inaccuracies will accumulate, thereby undermining the reliability of this critical management tool. You invested a significant amount of time, effort and money in the creation of your fixed asset accounting record. American Appraisal can help you perpetuate that investment through the provision of fixed asset outsourcing services.

I want to see forward-looking views and what-if analyses.
American Appraisal maintains an IT consulting staff dedicated specifically to fixed asset management services, such as data and software conversions, as well as provides Clients with access to their data via the internet. Our proprietary ePRAIS® system is audited annually by Baker Tilly in accordance with SOC 1.

Other services
In addition to the fixed asset inventory & reconciliation services described above, American Appraisal also offers useful life analyses, cost segregation studies, property management diagnostic consulting and property insurance valuations.

These services are designed to address financial reporting and property management standards, income and property tax issues, as well as regulatory compliance, including Sarbanes-Oxley and various Office of Management and Budget Circulars.

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