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Portfolio Valuation Advisory Services

American Appraisal provides independent third-party portfolio valuation advisory services to hedge funds, private equity firms, other investment managers and financial institutions.

Valuation of Alternative Investments

As securities held by investors become increasingly complicated and concerns rise over potential conflicts of interest with respect to marking positions to their fair value, funds and investment managers are receiving increased scrutiny and attention from all stakeholders. Consequently, funds and investment managers are adopting well-defined and consistently applied valuation policies that comply with relevant reporting standards and result in increased investor reporting. American Appraisal enhances the credibility and transparency of investor reporting with independent benchmarks; these benchmarks also strengthen credibility and provide support for additional fund-raising activity and ongoing management fees.

Our services
American Appraisal provides clients with independent valuations of assets ranging from single investments to entire portfolios. With a history of working closely with regulators, auditors, third-party administrators, investors and some of the world’s largest private investment funds, our consultants bring extensive, unparalleled industry specific experience. We help ensure compliance with applicable accounting standards (including ASC 820 and IFRS 13), and can help prepare or review a fund’s valuation policies, procedures, and results.

American Appraisal values a broad range of assets and complex securities, including

  • Illiquid private equity investments, and debt instruments, including senior and subordinated positions, both secured and unsecured, whether performing or distressed
  • Common and preferred equity positions
  • Real estate
  • Derivatives, including
    • Convertible securities
    • Warrants and options
    • Structured products
    • Equity and credit swaps

Our Clients
We provide portfolio valuation advisory services to

  • Private equity funds
  • Hedge funds
  • Funds of funds
  • Fund administrators
  • Pension funds, public and private
  • Corporations
  • Endowments
  • Sovereign wealth funds
  • Federal and state investment funds

We are experienced.
American Appraisal maintains one of the world’s largest, most diverse, and most experienced teams of consultants dedicated to the valuation of businesses, business interests, securities, intangibles and tangible assets. Our consultants are thoroughly immersed in the cycles and challenges of your portfolio companies’ industries. They understand the strategies employed by successful fund managers, which is critical to valuing and testing the marks of the underlying assets.

We are independent.
American Appraisal focuses exclusively on valuation and related advisory services. This is our only business; we are independent of audit or other attest service, rating agency, investment banking and other conflicts of interest. Our independence guarantees our greater objectivity.

We are glocal.
American Appraisal thinks globally but has the ability to act locally. Comprising more than 900 employees, operating from major financial cities throughout Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and North and South America, we are the world’s only truly glocal valuation firm™.

We are valuation experts.
Our consultants have the experience necessary to value virtually any business interest, security or tangible/intangible asset. Breadth and depth of expertise eliminate the need to rely on subcontractors.

  • Our staff has been focused on and committed to valuation since 1896.
  • Chairmanships have included the Appraisal Issues Task Force and the Appraisal Standards Board.
  • Our consultants have unrivaled interaction with key valuation-standard-setting agencies including AITF, ASA, FASB, IASB, IVSC and PCAOB.
  • Consultants receive rounded exposure to ongoing “Big 4” auditor reviews and have experience with leading investment banks and private equity firms.

We are focused on Client needs.
American Appraisal is employee owned. We are not merely involved in valuation; we are unequivocally committed to meeting Client needs. On every engagement, direct Client access to the firm’s senior management is always the norm, never an exception.

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