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Property Tax Valuation Services

Independence matters.

Taxes may be inevitable, but they don’t have to be inequitable.

Today’s business climate requires careful consideration of property tax liabilities. This is especially critical in light of rapidly moving economic and global forces that are changing the way business is done, how quickly assets gain and lose value, and how much more (or less) assets can be taxed.

Are all taxable assets valued accurately?

Although procedures used by some taxing authorities may appear to be precise and based on meaningful market data, developing an opinion of value is not just a calculation - it requires good judgment. In many cases, valuation techniques applied may not adequately recognize the importance of functional and external, or economic, obsolescence.

Do you have property/buildings that…

  • have been expanded in size over many years?
  • contain obsolete design elements?
  • have been improperly classified as personal property?
  • are special purpose with one-of-a-kind features?
  • are underutilized, idle, vacant or in poor condition?
  • should be tax-exempt?

Do you have personal property that…

  • involves several layers/generations of technology, or is susceptible to rapid technological change?
  • is underutilized or idle?
  • generates reduced margins or poor return on investment?
  • is either misclassified or may, in fact, no longer exist due to inaccurate property records?
  • should be tax-exempt?

A fair and equitable solution 

American Appraisal works with you to ensure that assessments are fair and equitable. Our appraisers possess specialized expertise in identifying the taxation issues that can arise with real and personal property, including complex issues of functional and external, or economic, obsolescence.

What we do

American Appraisal provides a full array of independent valuation services related to property taxes, including:

  • Market studies/calculations to assist in determining if a property tax problem exists
  • Valuation-related services, such as obsolescence studies, useful life analyses, cost of capital studies, cash flow forecasts and market transaction studies
  • Fixed asset management services, including inventory and reconciliation and periodic updating services
  • Valuations and reports to assist you in preliminary decision making and negotiations;  often, these services can be completed from our offices
  • Court-ready valuations and reports for disclosure in the appropriate jurisdiction
  • Pretrial and litigation support services, as well as expert testimony, regarding property tax assessments, and classifications, for local boards of review and county and state courts

We are experts in the complex or unique.

Complex or unique properties generally are holdings that, in addition to possibly having a local market reception, could be marketed to specific buyer pools on a regional, national, or international basis.  Such properties include large power plants, refineries, processing facilities, large manufacturing facilities, ports, casinos, large land holdings, mixed-use developments, and hospitals. 

Valuing complex or unique holdings generally involves applying appropriate though less common valuation techniques, many of which invoke real estate valuation concepts (sales comparison, income capitalization and cost analyses), business valuation concepts (weighted average cost of capital, partial interests analysis, etc.), and engineering concepts (cost to cure, cost to complete, etc.).  To accurately apply these appropriate valuation techniques, data often needs to be extracted not only locally but also regionally, nationally or internationally. 

Our Credentials

  • We are a long-standing property tax valuation services leader.  Leveraging our knowledge from thousands of projects and our proprietary databases, American Appraisal possesses the expertise and resources to provide a highly organized response to any property tax engagement, regardless of size or complexity. 
  • American Appraisal is employee owned, and has been focused on and committed to valuation since 1896.  Our appraisers have the experience necessary to value any tangible or intangible asset.
  • Our valuation team comprises property tax and industry specialists who annually generate millions of dollars in property tax savings for clients worldwide.
  • We possess specialized expertise in resolving the complex issues of functional and external, or economic obsolescence to assist in determining the value of unique, often one-of-a-kind facilities.  The breadth and depth of expertise eliminates the need to rely on subcontractors.  
  • Our appraisers include individuals with engineering-related degrees or backgrounds (some designated as professional engineers), allowing for efficient interpretation of project drawings and specifications to appropriately identify and analyze the assets.
  • Many of our appraisers have various valuation-related designations including CMI, ASA, MAI, or MRICS, as well as the state certifications required to legally estimate the value of real property in certain jurisdictions, helping to ensure values are not overstated or understated.  Some hold specialized designations in machinery and technical specialties, real estate and business valuation.
  • Our team members have analyzed the entire life cycle of projects from development to demolition.  As a provider of multiple valuation services, we can leverage our property tax analysis to provide additional services over time including valuations to assist in leasing, financing, insuring, and selling or buying.
  • We are independent.  American Appraisal focuses exclusively on valuation and advisory services; we are not involved with attest, rating, agency, investment banking or brokerage. We are free from conflicts and distractions such as contingency fee arrangements.

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