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Your valuation questions are as individual as you are.  Still, all of our Clients have the same ultimate need:  accurate, supportable, professional guidance from an independent, experienced firm.

American Appraisal provides valuation expertise in all classifications of tangible and intangible assets.

Financial Reporting

Valuation and advisory services for business combinations, impairment testing, equity-based compensation, IFRS adoption and compliance and fresh start accounting

Tax Valuation

Tax valuation and advisory services for purchase price allocation, corporate tax, transfer pricing, IRC §409A stock, gift and estate tax, property tax, and cost segregation purposes

Property Insurance Appraisal & Valuation

Building insurance appraisal & inspection, equipment/personal property insurance appraisal & inventory, property insurance appraisal updates, and Web-based reporting

Fixed Asset Management

Fixed asset inventory & reconciliation, fixed asset componentization, IT asset inventory and property record outsourcing services

Transaction Consulting

Fairness opinions, solvency opinions, asset financing, and asset purchase, sale or lease


Litigation support, appraisal reviews, bankruptcy & restructuring and real estate advisory