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Real and Personal Property Tax Valuation Services

Increased regulation, economic forces, technological changes and globalization are causing substantial changes in real and personal property values, and businesses around the world are evaluating their property tax liabilities. Procedures used by taxing authorities may appear to be precise and based on meaningful market data; however, assessors may be relying on valuation techniques that do not adequately recognize or quantify functional and/or economic obsolescence.  

Unique, special-purpose properties frequently must be valued as operating plants. These distinctive properties require valuation of not only taxable assets but also intangibles and other considerations such as pollution control and tax-exempt property.


In addition, real and personal property subject to any of the following factors may require an updated valuation for property tax purposes:

Real Property Personal Property
Has been expanded in size over many years Involves several generations of technology
Contains obsolete design elements Is subject to rapid technological change
May have been valued as personal property Is underutilized or idle
Is special purpose, with one-of-a-kind features Generates reduced margins or poor ROI
Is underutilized, idle, vacant or in poor condition Is misclassified or may no longer exist due to inaccurate records
Is tax exempt Is tax exempt
Is utilized in an economically depressed industry Is utilized in an economically depressed industry

American Appraisal consultants are experienced in ensuring fair, equitable property tax solutions for clients. Our experience encompasses all classifications of tangible and intangible assets, and we have specialized knowledge of complex obsolescence issues.

What We Do
American Appraisal provides a full array of independent valuation services related to property taxes, including the following:

Why American Appraisal?
American Appraisal’s industry-leading experience in the valuation of tangible and intangible assets will assist you in evaluating the reasonableness of your property tax assessments. Our team consists of property tax and industry experts who annually generate millions to hundreds of millions of dollars in property tax savings for clients worldwide. Team members frequently provide expert testimony related to property tax assessments. American Appraisal has specialized experience with the complex issues of functional and economic obsolescence and often provides valuations of the real and personal property of unique facilities.

Client Quotes

"We will continue to use American Appraisal for our property tax appeal process.  The team has provided us with a timely product that meets all of the requirements of the engagement."

Director - Tax Compliance
Propex Operating Company

"Excellent communication from the beginning, especially with refinery personnel and management who were not as familiar with the type of appraisal for tangible property value.  We not only received a useful appraisal report, but an education in the process.  Thank you for your continued high level of expertise and integrity!"

Manager, Property Tax
CITGO Petroleum Corporation and PDV Midwest Refining, LLC

"The Unified Government [property tax assessor] has accepted your conclusion of value...they were impressed with the quality of the appraisal and believed your conclusions to be reasonable.  Nice job."

U.S. Property Tax Manager
General Motors Company





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