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Healthcare Business Valuation

In response to market forces including healthcare reform efforts, the healthcare industry is undergoing structural change and innovation. Consolidation, both horizontal and vertical, is frequent. Emerging partnership models cross traditional boundaries, linking multiple providers with payers or tax-exempt and for-profit entities. Revenue and delivery models are migrating toward integrated delivery and payment for quality and outcomes, rather than for volume of service.

Valuing mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, partnership formations and intangible asset licensing arrangements in the current healthcare market requires an in-depth understanding of the issues facing healthcare providers and industry players. Critical thinking and keen analytics are needed to examine the core economics of healthcare deals and to determine their value. Involved in this analysis are:

  • In-depth study of the revenue cycle for the subject entity or venture, entailing both demand- and supply-side drivers of volume in the context of changing payment models and local service market dynamics
  • Examination of critical cost and resource usage factors
  • Assessment of risk elements and their impact
  • Study of deal structure and terms and their impact

All of these elements should be analyzed when applying standard appraisal methodology.

In considering the income, market, and asset-based approaches to value, American Appraisal excels in our research and analysis. Our work involves:

  • Rigorous and robust methodologies
    • Our market approach involves intensive review of market data from transaction databases or multiples of publicly traded companies.  The key to application of the market approach is using comparable market data.  We analyze such data for comparability before we base our valuation analysis on it.
    • Our income approach is built on a highly detailed analysis of the service market and fundamental economics of the subject enterprise, matched with a critical assessment of risk.  Forecast assumptions are scrutinized to ensure supportability based on the best available information.
    • Our asset-based approach focuses on identifying the tangible and intangible assets and liabilities of an enterprise on a comprehensive and detailed basis.  We analyze the critical economics of each asset or liability as part of valuing them under the market, cost, and income methods.
  • Data-driven and evidence-based analyses
    • We focus on data-driven and evidence-based analyses, rather than assumptions that may or may not reflect local market conditions or relevant facts and circumstances. Our valuation work reflects in-depth analysis of these factors.
    • We explore value from every angle, and treat each engagement as unique.
  • Careful consideration of deal terms
    • We study the transaction structure and terms of the deal and incorporate their impact into our valuation analysis and opinions.
  • Informative and usable reports
    • Our reports provide a clear picture of the work we performed to arrive at an opinion of value.
    • We detail the key data used in the valuation, discuss the subject transaction structure and deal terms, and provide comprehensive support for the data and methods used in our analyses.
  • Distinctive client service
    • We are proactive in our data-gathering processes, enabling us to begin engagements quickly and work efficiently toward completion.
    • We remain in constant communication with our clients, providing weekly updates and identifying and addressing roadblocks when they occur.
    • We strive to streamline our deliverables and work within our clients’ processes and systems.

Our healthcare business valuation practice can address an array of transaction structures, including:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Joint venture formations
  • Unwinds and divestitures

In addition, we can value all types of healthcare enterprises, facilities and asset types, including:

  • Health systems
  • Hospitals and specialty hospitals
  • Ambulatory surgery centers
  • Imaging centers
  • Radiation therapy centers
  • Physician practices
  • Rehabilitation and skilled nursing facilities
  • Assisted living centers and nursing homes
  • Healthcare brands
  • Clinical protocols and quality processes
  • Trade names





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